This is the blog which accompanies ilikeyourhaircut.com. Here, I will post inspiration, links, and other tidbits related to haircuts.

ilikeyourhaircut.com is a user-generated social haircut database for both men and women. Why? Well, we at ilikeyourhaircut.com found that there is a lack of reference photos for modern (meaning retro, chic, classic, any way people are wearing their hair NOW) haircuts and styles. Salon magazines and books, no matter how current, still seem outdated and stink of the early 90s. The internet is even worse. Retro styles are really popular and look fantastic but unless you know the all names of the stars and starlets who donned them, it’s hard to find the perfect picture of that perfect cut.

ilikeyourhaircut.com allows users to contribute to a large database of haircuts and hairstyles by submitting photos of themselves, or of others, and tagging them appropriately in order to inspire the haircuts of others, as well as find inspiration for their own. Ideally, when users upload photos, they will provide shots from multiple angles so that a person could take the images to a salon and the stylist would know exactly what they want. This of course would not always be possible, but it’s the ideal scenario. Retro and vintage images will also be part of the database. Users can also mark haircuts as “favorites” (which saves them to their own personal database of styles), leave comments on haircuts, suggest additional tags (to be approved by the owner of the photo), and print out haircuts to take to the salon. Users can interact with each other via private messaging or public commenting, and can also add favorite users to their own network in order to easily follow their updates. They may also subscribe to a user’s uploads or uploads of a certain tag via RSS feed.

ilikeyourhaircut.com is also a great tool for stylists and salons. Many times, clients come in without a picture but have a very specific description, sometimes making statements which contradict each other, like “I want it long, but short…”. This makes it hard for the stylist to know what the client wants, but together they could search ilikeyourhaircut.com for the correct haircut, confirming that the vision of the client and the stylist is one and the same. Salons could also use the site to showcase their haircuts and styles. A user could view all the uploads by the salon and get a sense of the kind of work they do.

Additionally, there will be an annual publication which showcases the best haircuts posted to ilikeyourhaircut.com. The books will be part haircut/hairstyle resource part illustrative-typographic delight. They will be available for purchase to salons as well as individuals who just like the books. ilikeyourhaircut.com will also be willing to work with salons to put out publications specifically geared toward their salon.

ilikeyourhaircut.com is in the very early stages and isn’t up and running yet. Stay tuned to the blog for updates, or send an email to ilikeyourhaircut@gmail.com to be added to the email list.


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