Retro books on how to create retro hairstyles!

Found some awesome looking books on Amazon on how to create finger waves and glam 40s dos! They were actually first printed in the 30s and 40s!! You can’t get much more authentic than that… They’re pretty reasonably priced too – just a little over $15 each (of course they’re reprints). I want to get one of the finger wave ones and one of the 40s ones but I can’t decide which one…

When is up and running I’d love to see photos of people sporting some of these looks. Hopefully I will have mastered a few myself and will upload some of my own shots. There’s a waitress who works at CafĂ© Mogador in the East Village (or at least she used to last time I went a year-ish ago) and she always looks so perfectly forties. From her hair to her dresses to her bright red lipstick. I think she also works at Maiden Hong Kong, a vintage shop in Williamsburg. I hope she’ll let me photograph her for the site…

The book cover images below are linked to the Amazon store pages where you can buy them from. Hairdo party anyone?

Art of Finger Waving -- Recreating Vintage 1920s and 1930s Hairstyles (Paperback) Technique and Art of Marcel Waving -- Creating 1920s Hair Waving Styles in Six Steps (Paperback)

How to Create 1940s Hairstyles -- Instructions and Illustrations for 17 Swing Era Styles (Paperback) Hair Style Design -- 1940s Hairshaping, Finger Waving and Styling Techniques (Paperback)


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