Contributing Haircut Photos

In order to contribute photos to and to (eventually) see them on the site, for now, you will have to add them to our flickr group. This is not a permanent solution, just how we’re handling things to get started. The soon-to-be up site will pull in the pictures from that flickr group, so, you do have to have a free flickr account to participate. Once we get rolling with things, that will change and you’ll be able to do everything right from, but don’t worry, we’ll keep you posted about developments.

When uploading items, you should try to add as many appropriate tags to the photos as possible so that they are searchable. Some examples might be:

retro, mod, glam, 40s, classic, curly, chic, shaggy, bowlcut, men, women, nyc, punk, bangs, audrey, audreyhepburn, romanholiday, amelie, french, cute, rockabilly…(the list goes on…)

No need to use the tags “hair” or “haircut” since that should apply to everything.


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